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Sukyo - Universal Principles for Daily Practise

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Throughout History Humans Train at Tuning in with God.

Sukyo Mahikari Australia Oceania Regional Training Hall

Durban Sukyo Mahikari 33rd Africa Intermediate Course

Sukyo - a new word for an ancient concept

Sukyo means universal laws that underpin the unity of the universe, the single origin of everything, of life on earth, of all humankind and religions. This word was introduced to the world by the founder of the Mahikari organization Mr Okada. His daughter used it in 1976 to name the organisation, Sukyo Mahikari she inherited after a controversy following his death in 1974.

Progress up a Mountain

The Japanese kanji character for Sukyo includes the basic character for religion (shukyo) with the addition of the character for mountain. This character is used world wide by Mahikari. The founder is recognized as a Holy Master[1] by his followers and other world leaders. His ‘contributions to the happiness of humankind, the betterment of society, and world peace’(p 175)[2] have attracted International recognition.

On approaching the summit of a mountain all pathways up the mountain start to meet together in one place. Applying this to a multitude of human endeavors we see humankind following a variety of paths towards understanding or truth as we work our way through human history toward the summit of Divine Truth (Ch 4).[4] .

As peoples on different paths approach the summit the various views of different aspects of truth can approach a single universal truth he named Sukyo. Science, the arts, medicine, religion, philosophy, economics, etcetera, are all ways for humankind to explore truth. These separate paths lead through different areas of truth somewhat like looking at different slopes on a mountain. At the summit the unified view of universal truth called Sukyo emerges above the mist. Such a unifying process that is currently emerging, for example, in areas like astrophysics, cosmology and philosophy, may lead humankind to an understanding of a single origin of all truth. The Hikaru Memorial Museum in Takayama, Japan is a world class museum that provides evidence from scientific research concerning a single origin of life and the universe. The museum presents archaeological and palaeontological evidence about the origin of life and civilization, art works from East and West and special exhibitions. It also displays historical aspects of the life of the founder as well as some of his central ideas as found in his research and teachings.

Universal Teachings lead to World Unity

Sukyo or ‘universal teachings that transcend the barriers of religion’ (p133) [4] can be understood in some aspects as universal teachings or laws that elucidate the prospect of uniting all humans. The founder proposed from his research that such universal principles are found in the origin of all religions (shukyo) and are the foundation of human faith directed towards divinity.

The paradox presented by the divisiveness of religions today may unwittingly flow from the fact that they propose an opposite form of belief, a faith based on belief in what humans say. According to the principles of Sukyo, true religious faith based on directing oneself towards Godhead can revive the power of children of God by reconnecting (re-ligare) us to our origin and uniting us with all humanity (God’s children). ‘The great spiritual path to God’s kingdom has been constant since the time of the ancient divine era and is arranged by God.’(p 168)[5].

Science also discovers a Single Origin.

Science is unfolding the universality of the laws of nature found in explorations of gravity, periodicity in chemical matter, subatomic physics and the big bang single origin of our universe. ‘Creation is the start of the production of all from nothing to form materials and creatures. Truly there is no choice but for religions to return to their origin, the universal laws’(p 204).[5] Life-sciences have mapped diverse genomes built on a single ladder unit of nucleotides and sugars. Geo-science has mapped the evolution of our continents over billions of years and the path along which life has evolved from its single origin on earth. The universal laws that Science searches for in nature grow upon the discarded humus of extinct theories which abound almost as weeds through which the tree of scientific truth struggles to prevail. Universal laws, Sukyo, on which religions were founded are sometimes swamped by human theorizing and the propagation of faith in these human theories. ‘... in order to truly reach the summit of the truth, it is folly to depend only on the path of human knowledge.’[5]

Faith in God V Fanatic Followers of Human Theory

According to Okada's teachings, the universal laws of Sukyo have been masked by humans as religious theories developed that divide humankind into sects and denominations. With faith focused on the human end of the spectrum, instead of on Divinity, humans became prone to become absorbed in beliefs that make use of divinity to promote their own survival at the expense of the united family of humanity.(p 210) [5].

Religious fanaticism can be seen to be leading humankind far away from the condition of harmony based upon love. Such a negative religious faith in human teachings leads to fanaticism and manifests as ugly teachings of group insanity (p 203).[5]

Sukyo Mahikari, an organization founded by Mr Okada and named by his daughter, has as a major mission the role to transmit the fundamental and universal teachings of Sukyo that will help all religions to return to their common origin.[3]

Mahikari (True Light) as a Cleansing Technique

In the Sukyo Mahikari organisation the main activity is readiating energy from the palms. Mahikari means ‘true light’ and refers to the Art of True Light (Mahikari no Waza). This is a technique (waza) of radiating True Light (Mahikari) from the hands which has been practiced by over eight hundred thousand people since 1959 (p 63).[4]

 Mahikari purifies physical and spiritual toxins so that practitioners of this Art are able to help not only themselves and their families, but most importantly they can help others and improve society. (p 28)[4] Practitioners have attended a three day lecture course and received a sacred locket called an Omitama. (p 29) [1]


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