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All the Ancestors

Terrence George Quinn, b. 23 Oct 1946 in Paddington Sydney NSW.

He married Jennifer Jean Kendall, married 23 Jan 1982 in Canberra Sukyo Mahikari Center, b. 27 Oct 1946 in Adelaide SA


2. Donald Alfred Quinn, b. 29 Nov 1914 in Moree NSW 30/11/14, d. 15 Jul 1985 in Merrylands NSW kidney failure, buried 18 Jul 1985 in Liverpool NSW. He married Gwendolen Mary Ryan, married 17 Aug 1943 in Waverley NSW.

3. Gwendolen Mary Ryan, b. 19 Nov 1912 in Wollahra NSW, d. 4 Mar 1992 in Merrylands NSW cancer, buried 6 Mar 1992 in Liverpool NSW.

Grand Parents

4. George Clarence Bede Quinn, b. 9 Aug 1885 in Emmaville, d. 6 Apr 1945 in Wyong Morriset NSW, buried 7 Apr 1945 in N Suburbs RC Cemetry Chatswood. He married May Breneger, married 1 Dec 1906 in Walgett.

5. May Breneger, b. 16 Oct 1884 in Walgett NSW, d. 15 Jul 1963 in Waverley NSW, buried in Chatswood NSW.

6. Patrick J Ryan, b. 9 Jun 1886 in Beulah cottage,Kambah station,Tuggeranon, d. 12 Dec 1943 in Centennial Pk Syd died at tram stop, buried in Waverly Cemetery. He married Maude Mary Peisner, married 26 Jan 1910 in Holy Cross Church Adelaide St Woollahra.

7. Maude Mary Peisner, b. 12 Jun 1880 in Appin NSW, d. 15 Sep 1936 in Woollahra NSW, buried in Waverley

Great Grand Parents

8. Hugh Quinn, b. 1842 in Burwood Sydney NSW, d. 8 Aug 1915 in Glen Innes hospital, buried 10 Aug 1915 in Glen Innes RC cemetery. He married Ann Heagney, married 6 Sep 1881 in Glen Innes C o R (1871?).

9. Ann Heagney, b. 1849 in Maitland Muswellbrook? NSW, d. 4 Jun 1924 in Sacred Heart hospice Randwick, buried 5 Jun 1924 in Northern suburbs cemetery RC plot.

10. Alfred Lachlan Breneger, d. 17 Jun 1938 in Walgett early Friday morn, b. 29 Jun 1863 in GUmin Gumin Mudgee NSW, buried in Cemetery Walgett. He married Mary Jane Scotia Love, married 4 Feb 1884 in Presbyterian Church Walgett.

11. Mary Jane Scotia Love, b. 10 Jan 1860 in At Sea, d. 3 Aug 1940 in Walgett dist Hospital, buried 5 Aug 1940 in CoE Walget FC Ford ut.

12. Patrick Ryan, b. 31 Jul 1853 in Braidwood NSW, d. 12 Dec 1939 in Eastern Suburbs NSW, buried in Botany Cemetery. He married Mary Ann O'Rourke, married 19 Aug 1885 in St. Gregorys Queanbeyan NSW.

13. Mary Ann O'Rourke, b. 1 Jan 1863 in Reedy Ck Majura, d. 5 Sep 1932 in Eastern Suburbs, buried in Botany Cemetery.

14. Fredrick Paul Peisner, b. 6 Jun 1837 in Stuttgart Germany, d. 14 May 1917 in Woollahra Sydney NSW, buried in Waverley NSW. He married Elizabeth Amelia O'Loughlan, married 2 Sep 1879 in St Francis Pad? Sydney NSW.

15. Elizabeth Amelia O'Loughlan, b. 1 Jan 1848 in Appin NSW, d. 15 Aug 1903 in WoollarahNSW, buried in Waverley NSW.

Great Great Grand Parents

16. Patrick Quinn, b. 1815 in Dublin Ireland, d. 25 Jun 1889 in Glen Innes Natural Causes, buried 26 Jun 1889 in Glen Innes NSW. He married Selina Lought, married 1840 in Five Islands NSW.

17. Selina Lought, b. 1819 in Dublin Ireland, d. 3 Feb 1857 in Armidale NSW, buried 4 Feb 1857 in Armidale NSW.

18. Patrick Heaghney, b. c 1810 in dc of A H pdb5444 bc 5638, d. aft 1864 in NSW ?. He married Mary nee? mHeaghney, married c 1849 in NSW?.

19. Mary nee? mHeaghney, b. c 1820 in bc of kids, d. aft 1864 in NSW ?.

20. Johannes Michaelis Brauninger Breneger, b. c1834 in Enoshringen Germany, d. 26 Jun 1915 in Eumanbah residence, buried 29 Jun 1915 in Eumanbah Presbyterian. He married Sarah Marion Stewart, married 1 May 1861 in Guming Guming Coonamble Gunning NSW.

21. Sarah Marion Stewart, b. 19 Jan 1836 in Liverpool NSW c1837/9, d. 20 Mar 1915 in Walgett.

24. Patrick Ryan, b. c1812 in Tipperary Ireland, d. 19 May 1862 in Durran Durra Braidwood Pneumonia L lung, buried 20 May 1862 in Braidwood Rev E O'Brien. He married Bridget Butler, married 1847 in Cashel Ireland.

25. Bridget Butler, b. 30 Dec 1811 in Ireland, d. after 1872 in St Omer's Ck Brushy Hill?. She married (1) Patrick Ryan, married 1847 in Cashel Ireland, b. c1812 in Tipperary Ireland, d. 19 May 1862 in Durran Durra Braidwood Pneumonia L lung, buried 20 May 1862 in Braidwood Rev E O'Brien. She married (2) Christopher Donohoe, married ?1865, b. c 1810.

26. Michael O'Rourke, b. 1839 in Killamurragh Co Leitrim, d. 28 Jul 1878 in Majura, buried in Queanbeyan Riverside Cemetery. He married Ellen Ryan2, married 26 Jan 1863 in Queanbeyan.

27. Ellen Ryan2, b. 20 Oct 1842 in Taradale Collector, d. 15 Dec 1900 in Gundaroo Rd, buried in Queanbeyan. She married (1) Michael O'Rourke, married 26 Jan 1863 in Queanbeyan, b. 1839 in Killamurragh Co Leitrim, d. 28 Jul 1878 in Majura, buried in Queanbeyan Riverside Cemetery. She married (2) Michael Broderick, married 18 May 1882 in St Gregory's Queanbeyan, b. c 1850? in Ireland, buried in Sydney.

28. Fredrick Peisner, b. c 1811 in Stuttgart Germany, d. abt 1900 in Germany?. He married Jane Richard, married c 1837 in Germany.

29. Jane Richard, b. c 1810 in Germany?, d. abt 1900 in Germany?.

30. Michael O'Loughlan, b. 1816 in Co Cavan Ireland, d. 29 Nov 1891 in Appin Broncho Pneumonia, buried 1 Dec 1891 in Appin ut James Stanton. He married Mary Hoare, married 7 Jan 1845 in St Bede's Appin.

31. Mary Hoare, b. 10 Jul 1826 in Glenlee NSW, d. 5 Mar 1893 in Appin, Malig disease of stomach, buried 7 Mar 1893 in Appin RC ut James Stanton.

3rd Great Grand Parents

34. James Lought, b. c1790. He married Mary ?nee Lought.

35. Mary ?nee Lought, b. c1800.

40. Albrecht Brauninger, b. c1800 in Enoshringen Germany, d. c 1850 in Germany ?. He married Barbara Huile, married c 1834 in Germany ?.

41. Barbara Huile, b. c1800 in Germany, d. c 1850 in Germany ?.

42. John McLeod Stewart, b. 25 Jun 1811 in Scotland, d. abt 1860 in NSW ?. He married (1) Ann Mary McDonald, married 17 Apr 1838 in St James Church Syd (L'pool) NSW, b. c1800 in Scotland, d. c1858 in NSW ?. He married (2) Mary Head, married 19 Jan 1859, b. 1827 in 32 yrs at marriage England.

43. Ann Mary McDonald, b. c1800 in Scotland, d. c1858 in NSW ?.

48. Timothy Ryan, b. c1770 in Ireland, d. after 1812 in Ireland?. He married Mary Blake, married before 1812.

49. Mary Blake, b. c1790 in Ireland, d. after 1812 in Ireland?.

52. Cornelius O'Rourke, b. 1786 in Sligo? Co Lietrim Ireland, d. 13 Feb 1860 in Gundaroo, buried in RC Queanbeyan. He married Honorah Foley, married 1824 in Ireland.

53. Honorah Foley, b. 1803 in Killamurrah, Co. Leitrim, d. 25 May 1880 in Lower Majura, buried in RC Queanbeyan.

54. Patrick Ryan2, b. c 1815? in Ireland, d. 13 Jul 1884 in The Willows Majura, buried in Queanbeyan Riverside. He married Mary (Ann) Heffernan, married c 1835 in Co Tipperary Ireland.

55. Mary (Ann) Heffernan, b. 1814 in Clonoulty Co Tipperary /anne, d. abt 1870, buried in Galong Monastery.

60. Henry O'Loughlan, b. c1770 in Ireland?, d. c1850 in Ireland?. He married u nee? mO'Loughlan.

61. u nee? mO'Loughlan, b. c 1770.

62. John Hoare, b. 1777 in County Wexford Ireland, d. 25 Apr 1862 in West Dapto, buried in RC W Dapto. He married Elizabeth Love, married 10 Jul 1809 in St. Phillip's Sydney.

63. Elizabeth Love, b. 1 Aug 1785 in Hampshire England, d. 3 Mar 1878 in Castlereigh St Sydney, buried ? Mar 1878 in ? St Phillips.

4th Great Grand Parents

84. Donald Stewart, b. c 1780. He married Flora McLeod, married 1807 in Bracadale Isle of Skye Scotland.

85. Flora McLeod, b. c 1790.

86. Angus McDonald, b. c 1780. He married Flora Stewart, married c 1800.

87. Flora Stewart, b. c 1787 in Scotland?.

104. Michael O'Rourke, b. c 1760 in Sligo? Ireland, d. aft 1800 in Ireland. He married Hannah Foley, married c 1786 in Ireland.

105. Hannah Foley, b. c 1760 in Ireland, d. aft 1800 in Ireland.

106. John Foley, b. c 1770 in Ireland, d. aft 1800 in Ireland. He married Mary nee? mFoley, married c 1803 in Ireland.

107. Mary nee? mFoley, b. c 1780 in Ireland, d. aft 1800 in Ireland.

108. Edward Ryan2, b. c 1780. He married Ellen Nagle, married bef abt 1815 in Ireland.

109. Ellen Nagle, b. c 1790.

126. John Love, b. 1732 in England ?, d. 4 Jan 1827 in Sydney, buried Jan 1827 in St. Phillips. He married Martha nee? mLove, married 1784 in England.

127. Martha nee? mLove, b. 1748 in England, d. 1822 in Appin Sydney, buried 30 Nov 1822 in St Phillip's CoE.

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