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Jennifer's Family Tree was Compiled mainly by Pat Pudney

Kendall & Pudney Family Tree

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J J's Family

1. Jennifer Jean Kendall, b. 27 Oct 1946 in Adelaide SA.

She married (1) Peter Jardine, married 1967 in Canberra ACT, b. 1938 in New Zealand, d. 12 Mar 1984 in New Zealand.

She married (2) Terrence George Quinn, married 23 Jan 1982 in Canberra Mahikari Center, b. 23 Oct 1946 in Paddington Sydney NSW.


2. Paul Wareham Kendall, b. 21 Apr 1919 in Adelaide SA, d. 27 Jun 1992 in Canberra ACT, diabetic degeneration. He married Lenora Bessie Pudney, married 7 Jul 1944 in St Margaret CoE Woodville Adelaide SA.

3. Lenora Bessie Pudney, b. 19 Jan 1917 in Adelaide SA, d. 3 Nov 2004 in Canberra ACT.

Grand Parents

4. David Kendall, b. 23 May 1888 in Dorset England, d. 27 Dec 1955 in Adelaide, buried in Centennial Park cremated. He married Laura Hull, married c 1919.

5. Laura Hull, b. c 1888 in Taunton Somerset England, d. 14 Oct 1960 in Adelaide bef 1972 Not in will.

6. Leonard William Pudney, b. 11 Feb 1893 in Queenstown, d. 1971 in Walkerville Nursing Home SA, buried in Crem Enfield Ashes Centenn Pk RSL. He married Annie Ethel Antoney, married 5 May 1915 in St Paul's Pt Adelaide SA.

7. Annie Ethel Antoney, b. 22 Nov 1892 in Rosewater Adelaide, d. 11 Jul 1988 in QEH Woodville Adelaide, buried in Cheltenham Cemetry CoE.

1891 Census - Laura Hull

RootsUK 1891 census L H

Great Grand Parents

8. Paul Kendall, b. c 1850 in England. He married u nee? mKendall, married 1885 in England.

9. u nee? mKendall, b. c 1855 in England.

10. u Hull, b. c 1860 in England. He married (1) u nee? mHull, married c 1885, b. c1865. He married (2) u nee? mHull2, married c 1910, b. c 1890?.

11. u nee? mHull, b. c1865.

12. William Stephen Pudney, b. 5-Oct-1865, d. 28-Feb-1940 in Adelaide SA. He married Ellen Sabina Shrives.

13. Ellen Sabina Shrives, b. 24-Apr-1863.

14. William Robert Laurence Antoney, b. 18 Feb 1868, d. 9 Dec 1942. He married Ethel Florence Marshall, married 19 Mar 1892 in Minst Res Brown St Adelaide.

15. Ethel Florence Marshall, b. 6 May 1870 in Bunnijong Vic, d. 4 Mar 1945 in Acute Bronchitis, Diab Mel, Arterioschl, buried in Harrison u/t Pt rd Alberton.

Great Great Grand Parents

24. Henry John Pudney, b. 16-Nov-1838, d. 23-Aug-1918. He married (1) Maria Williams, married c 1860, b. 20-Feb-1843, d. 8-Jul-1901. He married (2) Bessie Butt, married post1901, b. 16-Jun-1862, d. 24-Jul-1937.

25. Maria Williams, b. 20-Feb-1843, d. 8-Jul-1901.

28. Manuel Antoni Da Moad, b. 1836 in Portugal, d. 6 Dec 1868 in Pt Adelaide drowned Pt River. He married Ann Lawrence.

29. Ann Lawrence, b. 1837. She married (1) Manuel Antoni Da Moad, b. 1836 in Portugal, d. 6 Dec 1868 in Pt Adelaide drowned Pt River. She married (2) Thomas Edwards, married 6 Mar 1876 in The Manse Pt Adelaide, b. c 1830.

30. John Marshall, b. c 1830, d. 1886 in May. He married Harriet K Conroy.

31. Harriet K Conroy, b. c 1830 in Stokestown Co Roscommon Ireland.

3rd Great Grand Parents

48. Stephen Pudney, b. 17-Dec-1809, d. 16-Apr-1882. He married Lydia Birkin, married ?.

49. Lydia Birkin, b. 23-Mar-1813, d. 31-Mar-1875.

60. E H Marshall, b. c 1800.

4th Great Grand Parents

96. Major Pudney, b. 1-Jan-1783. He married Elizabeth Clauder, married bef1808?.

97. Elizabeth Clauder, b. 1-Jan-1770, d. aft1825.

98. John Birkin, b. 1790. He married Lydia Anthony, married c 1812.

99. Lydia Anthony, b. 1790, d. yes.

5th Great Grand Parents

192. Major Gooday Pudney, b. 1748, d. 26-Feb-1832. He married u nee? mPudney, married c 1760 in England.

193. u nee? mPudney, b. c 1750.

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