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Quinn Tuition! Use Intuition to Click the Banner above to see less than quintessential early web sites.

Photography & Music abound in my dotage. Home Tuition was previously provided by me, Terry Quinn to all levels of education K - 12 & beyond.  Specialising in Computing, Science and Mathematics as well as Music. Now Music and Sukyo Mahikari are my Life. Light of my life is captured in Pics.   See details on my contacT page.

Intuition is at the Core of Human Development. Aspects of intuition include feeling, perception, sensations, inspiration and in traditions from both east & west, revelation ~ contact with the Divine.


In my personal approach to individual tuition I emphasise the students intuitive grasp on truth as percieved.  I focus on where the student is at and provide coaching that builds on the course work the student is doing.

A Single Origin of Life, Civilisation, & Religions !!? What do you think Intuitively?


Tuition Times:

Monday - Friday 3pm -7pm
Other Times by Arrangement


Why do it

Quinn Tuition 
7 John Russell Circuit 
Conder, ACT 2906 

Phone:(H) 02 6100 7742
Mobile:(M) 040227 8796